The Dangerous World of Prison Weaponry

As any medical provider in a correctional environment can attest to, there are unfortunate lengths inmates will go to craft weapons they can use against other inmates, officers, or even health care staff. Annually, thousands of correctional workers are injured by these weapons. Inmates may claim that the weapons are only for defensive purposes, but obviously, that’s often not the case and it’s a circular argument anyway, as the weapons in that case create the need for more weapons. And obviously due to the nature of the mindsets of the incarcerated, they may be more willing to use these weapons than most people.

Medical equipment itself has been fashioned into weaponry, which means medical staff must be vigilant in ensuring inmates do not access items. And there is also the risk of so called “weapons of opportunity,” objects within reach that can be used to cause harm. Reducing potential for harm from both inmate-on-inmate and inmate-on-staff attacks makes the medical department’s job more trouble-free. 

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