A Statement From CMC and CBH Medical Regarding Recent Events in Schenectady County, New York

To our clients, employees, and other interested parties:

As has been reported in the media, Correctional Medical Care has been named in a complaint filed by attorney E. Robert Keach on behalf of his client Michael Revels. CMC has received  a copy of this complaint, which makes numerous allegations that are knowingly false. Unfortunately, CMC is precluded by law from publicly responding to Mr. Keach’s false statements concerning the care of Mr. Revels or any other patient.

Mr. Keach’s complaint simply has no basis, as will be proven in Court.  For example, CMC does not and never has owned CBH Medical, as Mr. Keach alleges, and CMC does not provide medical care in the state of New York. Rather, CMC is an administrator of a contract between Schenectady County and the independent medical provider, CBH Medical, a fact of which Mr. Keach has regularly been informed. Moreover, CBH Medical and its staff do not and never have based any medical decision on profit margin and do not withhold medical care to enhance profit. There is absolutely no motive for CBH Medical to withhold hospital care for incarcerated patients as Mr. Keach falsely claims. Also CBH Medical does not bear the cost of any such hospitalization, which generally is paid by Medicaid.

CBH Medical provides high-quality medical care to the jail population of Schenectady County and other counties including Albany County and Rensselaer County. On a daily basis it provides needed medical care and treatment to thousands of incarcerated individuals. This population includes many individuals with a long history of diverse and often serious medical issues, many of whom have had no medical care prior to incarceration and oft times have a long history of substance abuse type issues. In that role, CBH Medical and its care providers have improved the health and medical condition of thousands of individuals suffering from a wide range of medical conditions including varied life threatening conditions and thus, is responsible for literally saving the lives of hundreds of individuals.

CMC is confident that when fully addressed in Court, Mr. Keach’s baseless allegations will be rejected.

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