Correctional Medical Care, Inc.

Correctional Medical Care (CMC) ensures that correctional facilities receive cost-efficient and fully auditable healthcare and healthcare administration services. As a premier provider for prisons and jails, CMC takes a unique, empathetic, and fully informed approach to all aspects of inmate health.

Specialized Programs

Correctional Medical Care provides its medical and administrative programs to multiple correctional facilities, and each program is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of each facility. Healthcare can never be compromised or applied in a “cookie cutter” fashion across populations. This rings particularly true in correctional facilities, which hold a higher amount of people suffering from mental health issues, substance addictions, or chronic diseases like diabetes and arthritis. There is clearly a serious and time-sensitive need to address these issues, and to educate patients directly so that they can seek out treatment options upon their release.

Correctional Medical Care fills a multifaceted role within the corrections industry. Its use of healthcare services that exceed what one would find elsewhere affects the lives of inmates’ inside and outside of prison. Giving inmates access to medical, mental, or dental healthcare keeps them healthier and in higher spirits during their incarceration. After their release, having received quality healthcare, they are able to reenter society feeling stronger, more productive, and well-informed about their health needs. Thus this specialized area of healthcare can affect recidivism in parolees of correctional facilities.

Correctional Medical Care’s vision is not only to meet or exceed national correctional healthcare standards, but to do so via a sustainable and cost-effective delivery program. CMC monitors all phases of its programs through nationally accepted utilization management (UM) criteria, which is in turn overseen by medical specialists. With a concurrent review process and a dedication to operational transparency, CMC is able to continually analyze its own operations and reduce the costs and length of inpatient hospitalizations, outpatient specialty services, and emergency room visits.


CMC offers corporate policies and procedures based on the accreditation standards of American Correctional Association (ACA), National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC), and the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). However the company’s all-inclusive range of services are distinctly creative and modern, utilizing state-of-the-art equipments and technologies and leading the industry in mental health awareness and treatment.

Correctional Medical Care provides each of their clients with the specialized attention and resource pools they deserve to improve the overall state of health in their facilities.

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